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Bago's Breaks

Top-Loader Buy Back Program

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I'm offering to purchase back Top loaders from members of the community to not only help with rising costs, but to do our bit for the environment. 

I'm offering 9 pence of store credit per Top loader that meets the below conditions. For example if you send in 100 Top loaders that meet the conditions, then you will get £9 of store credit.

The Following conditions have to be met in order to qualify for this program.

1) All Top-loaders have to be in very good condition with no tape marks or damage to the top-loader.

2) You are responsible for all postage and packing costs of the Top-loader when sending to me.

The Process to take part in this programme is as follows:

1) You need too purchase his item off the store.

2) Once purchased, I will message you with the address to send the Top-loaders too with also requesting the amount you are sending in. 

3) When received I will go through and check the top-loaders are in suitable condition, once completed I will confirm again via email and agree total credit which you will receive in the form of a gift card to your email address provided on the order.