Card Grading Service (Ace Grading)

I now offer a service so that you can get any of your hits from the live breaks or cards from your own personal collection graded using the UK Company Ace Grading Ltd. 

I'm looking to send cards in roughly once per month however this can change if there is a greater demand or I have a certain amount of cards to send.

Once you have decided to get your card graded you then must decided the type of label you require. Ace Grading offer 3 different style of labels as follows:

  • Standard - This is standard format label showing all the information and grading on the card.
    • Colour Match - This label has the same information as the standard label, however the label is printed in the 2 most prominent colours from the graded card.
    • Ace Label - This label has a unique design for that specific card and it will match the card design (Please note this is only available for certain cards).


    Once this had been confirmed I will then send your cards in once we have reached a certain amount of cards, I will then send you an invoice for you to pay depending on how many cards you sent in and the type of label you selected (You will be able to pay by either card or PayPal). 

    When the cards are ready I will then have them sent back to me to open up on stream to see what grade you get. Then they will go into your bin until you are ready to pay for shipping along with any breaks you have with me.

    The prices below included the following:

    • Postage to and from Ace Grading along with Insurance.
    • Semi-rigid Sleeve for the card to be sent in.
    • Ace Grading Service plus Label.
    • Clear Cellophane Sleeve to Protect the Graded Card.


    • Standard Label Option using Standard Service (4-5 weeks Turnaround) - £15 per card
    • Colour Match Label Option using Standard Service (4-5 weeks Turnaround) - £17 per card
    • Ace Label Option using Stabdard Service (4-5 weeks Turnaround) - £20 per card

    If you require any more Information then please either message me during the Live streams or drop me message via the website.

    Please note - they currently only grade Pokémon TCG Cards.