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Bago's Breaks

Raging Surf Pack Battle

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All packs purchased will be opened live on my Twitch Stream. 

Rules as as follows:

  • Each Person will be drawn via the Wheel of Names to determine who goes first.
  • Your 5 packs will be opened on stream and your hits will be scored via a point system.
  • After each person has completed their turn we then spin the wheel to see who is next to go until all 6 people have had their packs opened.
  • After everyone has had their turn, the person with the most points wins the Pack Battle and will win a  S&V151 Pokémon Binder Collection Box. There will be a prize for 2nd winning 2 packs of S&V 151 and last place wining 1 x Pack of S&V 151.

Please note his is not winner takes all, you will received everything from and including your tin plus the promo.

We will run the pack battle once all 6 slots have been filled.

The above Price includes:

5 x Packs to be opened by me on my stream (you received everything that is pulled from the 5 packs that you were drawn), 

STREAM LINKS - (please follow for Notifications on when I go live on the night)